Great Men of Bethel


Mission Statement

Developing, enriching and transforming Men for end time Kingdom Walk


Vision Statement

The Great Men of Bethel's (GMB) overall vision is to develop and empower men to experience a richer and passionate relationship with Christ by assessment and removal  of obstacles that traditionally beset their successful stride towards taking their rightful place in the kingdom.


As a ministry to men, we envision to guide men into being sound biblical partners in their families, career places and churches, by making meaningful and consistent input into their spiritually, emotional and economic growth as they progress towards claiming their God-ordained position in His vineyard.


The men’s ministry meets every second Saturday of the month. Please visit the calendar for more details.

Women's Ministry

The Church gave birth to many ministries after her inauguration and the Women's ministry was one of the many ministries. The ministry is headed by a coordinator and some department’s heads. We have monthly meet-ups, organize prayers, baby showers and bridal showers. We encourage ourselves in Bible studies, books expository, prayer meetings and host an annual Women's conference. The Women's ministry meets every month on the second Saturday. See the Calendar for more.